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Wide Selection of Rental Equipment in Nova Scotia

GNS Equipment Rentals offers a range of quality rental equipment in Nova Scotia. Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, you will find all the tools and equipment you need to get the job done right. Don’t spend a lot of money buying a machine that you will only use once. Instead, rent your equipment and save money. Contact us today for more information about our equipment rentals.


Our professionals work hard to make sure your equipment rentals are quick and easy. We will make sure your rental experience goes smoothly and that you rent the right equipment for the job!


Get the Right Value for Your Money

At GNS Equipment Rentals, you will find a complete line of tools and equipment from leading brands to get your job done. You can depend on us for:

Flooring Equipment Rental

Flooring can be a difficult and tiring job, but with equipment from GNS Equipment Rentals, you will finish the job quickly and efficiently. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Hardwood floor nailer air $30.00 per day
Engineered flooring stapler $30.00 per day
Subfloor coil nailer $35.00 per day
Wet tile saw $70.00 per day
Tile rotary cutter $15.00 per day
Tile grinder $15.00 per day
Manual tile scoring cutter $30.00 per day
Laminate floor cutter $30.00 per day
Floor sander $60.00 per day
Vinyl tile/floor roller $25.00 per day
Carpet Kicker

$10.00 per day

Tile Breaker/Scraper

$70.00 per day

7" Floor Edger

$45.00 per day

Drum Sander

$60.00 per day

Carpet Cleaner

$36.00 per day

Upholstery Cleaner

$36.00 per day


Electric Power Tools

GNS Equipment Rentals has a wide variety of power tools and heavy equipment available for rent. From core drills to electric planners and grinders, we have the right power tools for you. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Drywall screw gun $20.00 per day
12” sliding compound saw $50.00 per day
Reciprocating saw $20.00 per day
Jig saw $15.00 per day
Circular saw 7 ¼” $15.00 per day
Portable table saw $45.00 per day
4 ½’ grinder $10.00 per day
Orbital sanders $10.00 per day
Belt sander $20.00 per day
Electric planner $25.00 per day
5” Grinder $20.00 per day
½” Drill $15.00 per day
Cordless Grinder $25.00 per day
Cordless Metal Circular Saw $45.00 per day
Cordless Ban Saw $45.00 per day
Cordless Small SDS Hammer Drill $40.00 per day


Heaters for Rent

Rent a propane heater, kerosene heater, or diesel heater from GNS Equipment Rentals. Renting a heater for your patio or your worksite would be the ideal solution for winter . Check out our rental equipment and prices:

4800 Watt electric 240 volt $8.00 per day
Propane heater $25.00 per day
Small propane heater $15.00 per day
Kerosene heater $25.00 per day

Scaffolding and Ladders

Make GNS Equipment Rentals as your first choice to rent sturdy scaffolding and ladders. We have a wide range of options available for your specific requirements. We can deliver all the equipment you require very quickly. Check out our range of scaffolding and ladders, including the prices:


10’ and 7’ sections $5.00 per day or $10.00 per week
10’ and 7’ decks $5.00 per day or $10.00 per week
24” leveling legs (set of 4) $5.00 per day or $10.00 per week
8” casters (set of 4) $5.00 per day or $10.00 per week
Large baker staging $15.00 per day or $45.00 per week
Roof brackets $1.00 per day or $3.00 per week


40ft extension ladder $45.00 per day
32ft extension ladder $30.00 per day
24ft extension ladder $25.00 per day
10ft step ladder $15.00 per day
6ft step ladder $15.00 per day
4ft step ladder $12.00 per day
Step extension ladder $12.00 per day
12ft step ladder $25.00 per day

Concrete Equipment

Whether you are a business owner looking to start a major construction project or a homeowner looking to take care of a few minor repairs, the professionals at GNS Equipment Rentals have you covered. Get access to a wide range of high-quality concrete equipment for short and long-term rentals. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

SDS Plus hammer drill $35.00 per day
SDS Max hammer drill $45.00 per day
Hilti Breaker 1500 $70.00 per day
Hilti Breaker 3000 $95.00 per day
Hilti Ramset $45.00 per day
Gas powered chop saw $70.00 per day
Vibrator (10ft) $60.00 per day
Hand floats and trowels $5.00 per day
Gas powered trowel $85.00 per day
Bull float $20.00 per day
Large broom finish $12.00 per day
Cement mixer $50.00 per day
Concrete floor grinder $45.00 per day plus blade $25.00
Walk behind floor saw $85.00 per day

Air Tools

Whatever air tool you require to get the job done right and on time is available for rent at GNS Equipment Rentals. View our wide selection of competitively priced air tools for rent. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Framing nailer $30.00 per day
Sheathing stapler $30.00 per day
16 gauge finish nailer $25.00 per day
18 gauge finisher nailer $25.00 per day
Micro planner $25.00 per day
Roofing coiler nailer $30.00 per day
In floor pipe stapler $35.00 per day
Compressor electric $45.00 per day
Compressor gas $55.00 per day
Small compressor electric $30.00 per day

Plumbing Equipment

No matter what sort of residential or commercial plumbing work you need to handle, you will find all the right tools and equipment for the job at GNS Equipment Rentals. Save money with our tool and equipment rental services. We have a huge variety of tools available for rent in Nova Scotia. Take a look at our rental equipment and prices:

½” crimp tool $15.00 per day
¾” crimp tool $15.00 per day
Pex pipe cutter $4.00 per day
Copper pipe cutter $4.00 per day
Plumbing snake power $50.00 per day
Manual plumbing snake $25.00 per day
Hot water tank pump $12.00 per day

Dehumidifiers and Fans

For effective moisture control, choose our rental options. We offer large and small dehumidifiers for a variety of applications. You can save money with our rental solutions. Check out our rental options and prices below:

Large dehumidifier $50.00 per day
Small dehumidifier $45.00 per day
Floor fan $30.00 per day
Air cleaner/scrubber $40.00 per day
42" Fan $35.00 per day


Selecting the right equipment is very important, so choose to rent your pump equipment from GNS Equipment Rentals. We provide pumps for a wide range of applications. View our competitively priced inventory of pumps on rent below:

2” gas pump $45.00 per day
2” electric pump $40.00 per day
3” gas pump $60.00 per day

Compactors for Rent

Get a fair and competitive price on your compactor when you choose GNS Equipment Rentals. We offer compactors for different applications on rent to customers in Nova Scotia. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

20” plate compactor $55.00 per day
Large (800 lb) reversible compactor $135.00 per day
Small (200 lb) reversible compactor $65.00 per day


Get your home or office ready for a power outage with our quality equipment rental services. If you have a scheduled shutdown, fear not with our rental generators. Get in touch with GNS Equipment Rentals in Nova Scotia today. We have the right generator to keep your business moving. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

2000 watt generator $35.00 per day
3600 watt generator $45.00 per day
6000 watt generator $70.00 per day

Large Operating Equipment

GNS Equipment Rentals has the right rental equipment for every project. Choose us for large construction equipment rentals in Nova Scotia. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Kubota B23 $165.00 per day ***
Kubota B2601 $220.00 per day ***
8 tonne excavator $625.00 per day ***

5 tonne excavator

$445.00 per day ***
3 tonne mini excavator $325.00 per day ***
1.7 tonne mini excavator $275.00 per day ***
Skid steer-track machine $320.00 per day ***
45’ towable boom $275.00 per day
35’ towable boom $225.00 per day
19’ electric scissor $120.00 per day
Fork lift $185.00 per day
Flat deck trailer $125.00 per day
Dump trailer $125.00 per day
***Cost based on 10 running hours  

Lawn and Ground Maintenance Equipment Rentals

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Find competitively priced lawn and landscaping equipment rentals at GNS Equipment Rentals. Get a well-maintained lawn and garden equipment on rent at our store. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Hydraulic post hole auger $110.00 per day
Tow behind aerator $28.00 per day
Gas powered aerator $95.00 per day
Leaf blower $25.00 per day
Towable fertilizer spreader $30.00 per day
Fertilizer spreader $15.00 per day
Clearing saw $80.00 per day
Hydraulic tiller $130.00 per day
Rear tine tiller $60.00 per day
Mini tiller $45.00 per day
Wood splitter $80.00 per day
Wood chipper 5" $140.00 per day
Wood chipper 7" $255.00 per day
Dethatcher $80.00 per day
Lawn roller $18.00 per day
Sod cutter $110.00 per day
Stump grinder $125.00 per day
Little wonder brush cutter $130.00 per day
Wheelbarrow $15.00 per day
Pressure washer, gas $45.00 per day
Power sweeper system $60.00 per day
Power saw $50.00 per day
Grass trimmer $45.00 per day


Save time and money with equipment rentals from GNS Equipment Rentals. We offer a wide range of miscellaneous equipment for rent in Nova Scotia. If you are looking for equipment, such as hydraulic jacks, drywall lifts, tiger torches, and more, then look no further than us. Check out our rental equipment and prices:

Tiger torch $15.00 per day
100 lb propane tank $4.00 per day
Rotary laser level $60.00 per day
Bolt cutter $6.00 per day
Pressure washer gas $45.00 per day
Hydraulic jack, 20 ton $5.00 per day
Dolly $10.00 per day
Drywall lift $30.00 per day
Manual tamper $12.00 per day
Hilti vac system $45.00 per day
10 ft siding break $70.00 per day
Magnetic Sweeper $10.00 per day

Equipment Rentals in Nova Scotia

GNS Equipment Rentals provides a large inventory of tools and equipment for rent in Nova Scotia.

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